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Mass produced food for dogs is an item of convenience for the human owners of dogs.

Even the ultra-premium kibbles and canned foods are still highly processed foods that may contain ingredients or supplements that some dogs do not need nor can tolerate.

The prevalence of soy being used in mass produced food for dog recipes is causing many owners to report issues of itching, scratching, hair loss and digestive upset.

There are many dog breeds that have traits inherent to each breed, and within each breed there are idiosyncrasies unique to each animal. Some dogs appear to thrive on commercial dog food while others do not.

They may be listless, have dull dry coats, and suffer from recurring ear infections, flatulence, and loose stools.

Females may have recurring urinary tract infections too. Not all issues can be traced to diet, but many can.

The number one benefit of homemade food for dogs is that the ingredients and cooking are one hundred percent known and controlled by the preparer.

The number one drawback is that the food needs to be prepared at home. Making homemade dog food doesn’t have to be time consuming.

With just a minimal investment in some plastic freezer containers, a couple of week of meals can quickly be prepared at one time.

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Preparing homemade dog food can walk in refrigerator be eco-friendly especially if produce from one’s own garden is used.

Though dogs should never be fed certain vegetables or fruits such as onions, grapes or raisins, many of the vegetables the rest of the family loves can go into Fido’s meals too.

Let’s face it, most of us feed our dogs stuff from the table anyway, and most of it isn’t bad for the dog either. Mostly it is the quantity, not what a dog eats, that is the problem.

Commercial is a relatively recent success. It was in the fifties when more people started to feed their dogs commercially prepared dog foods.

There were commercially prepared dog foods before 1950, but the success in the fifties came with the Purina company.

It wasn’t until the late eighties or early nineties that anyone was feeding the so-called premium dog foods then came along the ultra-premium dog foods.

Still, it is all processed food. If processed foods are not good for us, how can they be good for our dogs?


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