walk in freezer

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a need for certain vaccines, medicines and diagnostic kits to be refrigerated in order to preserve their properties and give them a longer shelf life.

Old storage containers can keep these items at specific temperatures until they are ready to be used by a medical practitioner or patient.

There are a huge variety of temperature controlled units available featuring the latest equipment to ensure your product is kept at the correct temperature.

For instance, a pharmaceutical cold storage unit can contain features including dual electronic temperature control recorders, sight and sound alarm systems and weather-proofing.

All of these elements ensure that the contents is kept safe and at optimum condition in a carefully climate controlled environment.

Because these containers are often hired if and when required, many are fully portable. This means they can be shipped around the world.

Even large pharmaceutical containers and blast freezers can be bought by a far away country and shipped in.


On a smaller scale, certain refrigerated walk in freezer units are designed to go on the road.

For instance in the food and entertainment industry, where portable cold storage equipment is essential for say catering use at events, units can be delivered easily by trailer and used on site.

Mobile bars are another type of refrigerated unit that is also often used at events.

So, in terms of cold storage, there is something available for all refrigeration needs.

Large climate controlled containers are used widely by many industries and the technology is now there to offer ever-increasing capacities and capabilities.

Whatever the scale however, it is the modern features and portability that are key to the success of the commercial refrigeration sector.

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